Lead time is approx. 3-6 weeks on all new playset orders.

Wood Playset Accessories


Wonder Wave Slide


Can be attached to any 5′ high deck.

10' Avalanche Slide


Can be attached to any 5′ high deck.

14' Avalanche Slide


Can be attached to any 7′ high deck.

Tornado Tube Slide


Can be attached to any 7′ high deck.

Sidewinder Slides

5' Sidewinder Slide: $900
7' Sidewinder Slide: $1,220

This slide is a great choice for small backyards.

Tunnel Express Slide

5' Tunnel Express Slide: $795
7' Tunnel Express Slide: $1,000
Wave Slide


Can be attached to any 4′ high deck.

Super Spiral Slide

5' Super Spiral Slide: $820
7' Super Spiral Slide: $1,045

Climbing & Entry

Rock Climb

6' Rock Climb for 5' Deck: $415
8' Rock Climb for 7' Deck: $535

A great challenge for your little climbers.

Cargo Net

5' Cargo Net for 5' Deck: $235
7' Cargo Net for 7' Deck: $310

Builds hand-eye coordination in your little people. Such fun!


10' Ramp for 4' Deck: $535
12' Ramp for 5' Deck: $650
Ladder Railings

Fire Pole

Fire Pole for 5' Deck: $185
Fire Pole for 7' Deck: $215

Your little aspiring fireman will love it.



Belt Swing w/ Rubber Coating

Trapeze w/ Rubber Coating

4-Chain Tire Swing


Tire lays flat; only two chains connecting to swing frame so it can be hung like a normal swing.

Plastic Baby Swing

Belt Swing w/ Chain

Trapeze w/ Chain

3-Chain Tire Swing


Designed for use underneath a tower, or by itself on an A-frame swing frame. Included in base price of Summit and Cliff Climb.

Rubber Bucket Baby Swing w/ Chain

Rubber Bucket Baby Swing w/ Rubber Coating

Plastic Glider w/ Chain


Two children sit facing away from each other, with feet and hands on either side of glider. Requires additional hardware on A-frame swing attachments.

Junior Glider


Can only be attached to a Monkey Bar Swing Frame.

Sky Glider


Designed to use one full side of a tower at least 5′ wide.

Hammock Swing

Buoy Ball w/ Rubber Coating


Get on the ball and go for a ride!
Yellow only available on vinyl sets.



Ship's Wheel



It actually works! Slides in and out and changes magnification accordingly.



Steering Wheel



It works! Turn the hand crank on the side a few times to charge the internal battery, then use the trigger to shine your LED spotlight around the yard.


Other Fun Options

Built-in Picnic Table

4'x4' Picnic Table: $285
4'x5' Picnic Table: $285
5'x5' Picnic Table: $285
6'x6' Picnic Table: $535
5'x7' Picnic Table: $535

Can be installed under any tower with a built-in sandbox. Consider adding a deckover to the sandbox so the kids have a solid surface for their feet.

Sandbox Cover

4'x4' Sandbox Cover: $95
5'x5' Sandbox Cover: $105
5'x7' Sandbox Cover: $115
6'x6' Sandbox Cover: $175

Our sandbox covers feature a mesh design, with two bungee-style fasteners at each corner. Designed to keep out leaves and animals, but are not waterproof.

Tic-Tac-Toe Panel

Bubble Panel

Peek-a-Boo Panel