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General Product Information

Can I custom order a swing set?

Yes, Amish Direct Playsets has been designing custom swing sets for over fifteen years. Browse through our selection of pre-configured play sets and choose which fort or tower works best for you – we can then attach any swing attachment, slides and climbing accessories you like!

Where are your swing sets manufactured?

All of our swing sets are manufactured in the Amish community of Lancaster PA. These Amish playset manufacturers are wholesalers who do not sell to the public, but rather focus on excellence in the construction of their products and working with us to offer them at competitive prices.

How long will it take to get my swing set after I order?

Normal lead times for swing sets are about 1-3 weeks from the date of order, though because of supply chain disruptions and greater demand, lead times can fluctuate per manufacturer.

If you choose to have our installation crew deliver your swing set, they will bring it in pieces to your property and install it within an hour or two.

How long will my swing set last?

A properly maintained pressure-treated wood playset will last at least fifteen to twenty years. A maintenance-free vinyl set, however, can last at least 25-30 years or more! We like to tell our customers that they will last as long as your kids will use them, and probably even for the grandkids.


Can I get financing for my swingset purchase?

Yes. We offer financing options through Hearth.

Hearth specializes in connecting homeowners to financing options for almost any home project or upgrade, including a new playset.

Calculate your monthly payment and see financing options here.

Vinyl Playsets

What is a vinyl clad wood playset?

The weight-bearing frame of a vinyl playset is wood, just as for the wooden playsets. Unlike wooden playsets, however, virtually all wood components are covered in PVC vinyl sleeves, and some are replaced with poly lumber.

Why buy a vinyl clad wood playset?
  • Structural strength – Our vinyl clad playsets use pressure-treated southern yellow pine for the structural frame. Southern yellow pine has superior structural strength and is frequently chosen for building applications when strength is required (e.g., roof trusses). In addition, the vinyl sleeves have both strength and flexibility, resulting in a sturdy play system frame. Our pressure-treated wood is also rated for constant contact with moisture, unlike many vinyl sets you may find at a lesser price point.
  • Appearance – Our vinyl clad playsets keep their beautiful appearance long term. UV inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, effectively minimizing yellowing and color loss.
  • Maintenance – Our vinyl clad playsets are virtually maintenance free. No painting or staining is required, with only an occasional cleaning needed to maintain a fresh appearance.
  • Durability – The pressure treatment applied to the wooden parts of the playset effectively reduces or eliminates decay and insect infestation. And of course, the vinyl parts of the playset are a long-term solution for outdoor applications. All metal components are either powder-coated or stainless steel for durability.

Wood Playsets

How often should I put a wood preserver on my wood swing set?

High-quality watersealer treatment every two to three years will keep your swing set looking new. We recommend Cabot brand stains, which are available at most home improvement stores.

Why buy a wooden playset?
  • Structural strength – We build our playsets with pressure-treated southern yellow pine for its superior structural strength and durability. It is an excellent choice for creating a sturdy, durable playset.
  • Appearance– The natural wood look blends well in most settings but our playsets can be painted or stained if you prefer a pop of color.
  • Maintenance – Our wooden playsets are suited for exposure to the weather without additional stain or paint. However, stains may slow the natural weathering process (outdoor wood stains usually contain UV blockers) or the playset may be painted.
  • Durability – The pressure treatment applied to the wood before manufacturing the playset (think paint driven into the wood) effectively reduces or eliminates decay and insect infestation.
  • Renewable American Resource – Southern yellow pine is considered the most sustainably renewed species of tree in the world. It grows fast and is farmed much like our food supply. At the present time 199 million acres of southern yellow pine forest are being replanted in the southeastern United States every year.
  • Specialty Designs – Wooden playsets allow us to come up with fun designs, such as our pirate ship playsets.

Commercial Products

Do you offer commercial playsets?

Yes, our vinyl clad playground sets are ideal for commercial applications. We have many additional options available for commercial swing sets – browse our website to see what is available and contact us to discuss your options.

Space Requirements

How much space do I need to bring a swing set into my back yard?

We normally need a foot wider than the width of your tower from the street back to where you’d like to place it; e.g., a 5’ wide tower will need a 6’ wide path. We will also need 8’ of clearance under any wires or tree branches.

How much space do I need for a swing set?

Our swing sets come in a wide variety of sizes – however, many sets will fit inside a 20’ square area. Make sure you also have enough “run-off” room for the kids as they come off the slide, as well as plenty of room for them to swing.