Choosing the Right Backyard Playset for Your Child’s Age

Have you been considering the purchase of an Amish-built Playset for your little ones? You could go for a cheaper set from a big box store, but a high-quality backyard playset is an investment for the long-term. There is just one issue with a long-lasting backyard playset…

Kids grow up fast. As they grow, their needs and the way they play will change. That means it is important to choose a backyard playset that can grow and adapt with your children over the years.

We build our playsets with a modular design that change and grow with your children. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right backyard playset for your child’s age.

Backyard Playset Tower

The tower of your backyard playset is the foundation that the rest of the set will be built on. This makes it the most important aspect to consider, since it would be the hardest part of the playset to upgrade.

Small Towers

A 3 Deluxe 2018
A-3 Deluxe

Smaller Towers like our 4×4 Challenger Wood Playset and A-3 Deluxe Vinyl Playset typically have about 15 – 18 square feet of usable space. This means less space to work with when choosing accessories, but they’re the perfect option for families looking for a more cost-effective, shorter-term option for toddlers and preschool age kids.

Midsize Towers

Kc 10 Economy Turbo 2018
KC-10 Economy Turbo

Backyard Playsets like our KC-10 Economy Turbo Vinyl Playset and 5×5 Challenger Wood Playset will give you about 20 – 36 square feet of space, and can accommodate more accessories and upgradeable options. While the investment on larger towers like these is a bit higher, it will offer more flexibility as your kids get older.

This means they can be a great choice for families looking for a set their kids can grow into, or to appeal to a wider age range, including both younger and older siblings and friends. 

Unique Towers

Rl 20 Fitness Adventure 2018
RL-20 Fitness Adventure

Playsets like our Jefferson Trading Post Wood Playset or RL-20 Fitness Adventure Vinyl Playset have unique elements on their towers that are generally suited for older children in their early and late elementary school years.

This makes them a great new backyard playset for older children, aged 5 to 12 or beyond. Most younger kids will not have the balance and motor skills needed to get the most out of these unique towers.

Backyard Playset Accessories

14 Avalanche 2

Once you choose your tower, it’s time to start choosing the accessories that will be built onto it. In most cases, our playset accessories are easy to upgrade. This means you can start with a toddler-friendly setup at first, and upgrade to something else after a few years.

Swing Attachments

Most sets come with a standard 3- or 4-position swing frame, meaning they hold 3 or 4 swing options. This will be sufficient for nearly all ages, as long as you have enough swings for all your kids. 

You may want to consider upgrading to a climber swing attachment for kids in their elementary school years. These hold the same swings as our standard swing attachments, but with the added benefit of monkey bars. Older children with more developed motor skills and arm strength will appreciate the extra challenge.

Climbers & Entry

Climbers & Entry refers to any accessory used to climb up into the tower. For younger children you’ll want to prioritize ease-of-use. An Access Ladder with Railing, or Ramp won’t offer much of a challenge, but will be safer for little ones. For more sure-footed elementary school kids, a Rock Climb or Cargo Net will give them a fun little challenge every time they climb into the tower.  


Slides are fun for all ages! Parents that want to slide down with their little ones at first should opt for straight, open slides like our Avalanche and Waterfall slides. For children 5 and older, it’s hard to beat the excitement of shooting down a tube slide like our Turbo Twister and Sidewinder slides.


Swings are by far the easiest accessory on your backyard playset to upgrade. Simply remove them from your swing attachment and replace with new ones as desired! 

For families looking for a long-lasting playset that can grow with your kids we recommend our Rubber Bucket Swings and Plastic Baby Swing that can accommodate babies and toddlers up to 4 years old. Then, as they grow older and more confident, you can swap them out to classic Belt swings or other options. 

Get Your Child Involved


At the end of the day, you want your child to love their new playset for years to come. So, when you’re shopping for a new backyard playset, get your child involved! They will love looking through all the options we have available, and you can even build your very own custom vinyl playset together. 

When you find something that everyone can agree on, give us a call! Our friendly sales consultants can help guide you through the process and set up a time to have our dedicated installers deliver your brand-new playset.